The Golden Touch

Series of photographs / Valokuvasarja
Size/koko: 60 cm x 128 cm, 60 cm x 114 cm, 45 cm x 102 cm, 30 cm x 45 cm, 30 cm x 53 cm, 30 cm x 48 cm
Pigment print on dibond / Pigmenttivedokset dibondille
7 photographs / valokuvaa

Once upon a time King Midas was the ruler. We all know what happens when the king of the story is
rewarded with a golden touch. But what happens when the golden touch of the stories collides with
reality through photographs?

Miniature worlds presented in my work consist of installations and photographs. The installations
contain small elements from animal gures to toy cars and from sand to craft supplies. I combine analogical
manipulation and handicraft with digital photography.

I deal with the space between real and abstract. When do we experience an aha moment?
I want to astonish people. Why do stories create pictures in our minds and what happens when
the pictures are ready but the text is missing?